Friday, August 30

film again

My Ricoh camera's light meter doesn't work so I've just been fudging around with it and snapping shots anyways. I don't spend too much time worrying about composition with film; it's more about a moment, a feel, an instant. Ironic since it takes weeks to finish a roll and get it developed. When I hold the envelope of photos in my hand I always wonder did I get it?, what did I get? and those moments are given back to me for me to relive again. I like those grainy, head-lopping, crooked images. I can't make the image more than just what it was (moving a dog leash or redoing a funny facial expression) so they are just knee-jerk shots. There is a unpolished reality to them and also a nostalgia. Fewer pictures but each one is so succinct, so concentrated.