Tuesday, August 13

Hard at work

I was up till late last night finishing this workshop/kitchen table for Cedar. It just popped into my head when I saw a friend's children's kitchen. The little table I built onto was one we already had. Most of the wood and hooks and handles are salvaged from our own past projects and the rest I got at the hardware store ~ the little brooms (one is for spreading tar, originally), the light switches and that white button. Cedar loves buttons. He is so tickled! The 'oven' door stays shut with a little magnet clasp inside. The switches, basket and hooks are just for fun. Most of the hardware I could have found at garage sales and I'll be on the lookout from now on for interesting pieces to get.

Covered in sawdust, using power tools ~ night fell and the moths came into the garage followed shortly by Lola the cat. I saw the bedroom light go off; Tim had gone to bed. The smell of sanded pine boards, the satisfaction of a good fit, the excitement of wondering what Cedar would do this morning...I love woodworking.