Thursday, September 12

Ricoh camera, 35mm 400 film

I've been snapping shots mainly with my film camera lately. Today I built a sandbox for Cedar and half filled it with sand before the thunder and lightning pushed me inside. While I was digging sod, he was playing meditatively in the sand, working his fingers through it just like he worked them through a big bowl of loose buttons at my sister's. I caught up this week on the writing of two very long overdue letters. We've been eating a lot of meatballs. I've been sewing on the cloth baby books, finishing them up with hand-stitching and carrying around a basket of handwork with me wherever I have to be. Our striped tomatoes are finally ripening; the vines are loaded with heavy green tomatoes just waiting for sunny days. The kitchen counters are like tidepools, constantly filling and emptying with a few spots that always stay cluttered.