Monday, September 23

When I drive I scan the leaves on the road because sometimes they are turtles.

The other week in the early hours I heard a thump on the porch and figured it was a branch falling. I went back to sleep. Later, Tim discovered the bathroom screen was out and it was Lola who had fallen, jumping up onto the sill and continuing on out! She was unhurt from her second-story fall and I couldn't help laughing because she is just like a monkey, grabbing and climbing onto things with her paws and that morning she got a short flight for her enthusiastic efforts.

Every day I have to get out into the yard and weed or trim saplings back or clear brush. I keep thinking of a study I read recently that said the microbes in dirt cause seratonin to release in the brain, thus making us happier. Cedar is usually by my side and I usually work past when I should stop to get him ready for bed.

There was a caterpillar in the garden today with a bright green saddle. I just looked this guy up ~ he is called, what else, a saddleback caterpillar.

I finally realized that this was my first real summer in this house. Last year I was tucked into myself with Cedar by my side. Now I'm sorting and organizing and figuring out where everything goes and letting a lot of stuff go. I love putting stuff out at the end of the drive and then seeing who stops to pick it up. I've also been inspired by the little Waldorf class Cedar goes to with me on Mondays; the simplicity and authenticity are cleansing.

I needed a dresser for my studio to store flat work and found one from a guy down the street who was moving to Boulder. The U-Haul was packed and in his drive when I stopped to trashpick his telescope (which works) and the dresser was the only thing left in the house besides his dog.

I've been carrying a basket of sewing around with me in the car and have begun to sew on many of the cloth baby books by hand. It is very satisfying. They're coming right along; the learning curve has been great and things are happening more quickly now. Sitting in the front seat of the car by the lake while Cedar naps, listening to an audiobook (Peter Mayle's most recent) and making tiny quick stitches in cottons and linens...I couldn't ask for more. I have minor epiphanies while the creative juices are flowing and these revelations are like fireworks in my soul.