Wednesday, October 30

Our laptop got too full of information to accept more photos so we finally got a new computer. Figuring out how to transfer everything over is...time consuming. Time which I don't have too much of these days. Things have been a bit too busy for me since my mother's helper started school again this fall. I will feel more mentally spacious once I find someone to come play with Cedar a couple of times a week so I can get out into the studio and decompress. I love that guy to the moon and back but I can feel my temper shortening as the days pass and I get fewer breaks.

I can do this.

Things that hold me high right now are the chilly yard sales I visit on the weekends, solitary walks down the nearby side road in all its shaggy autumn shades, building things out of wood using my bandsaw and belt sander, the occasional meet-up with friends, and Nutella.

Thursday, October 24

From this summer, at the nearby lake.

Wednesday, October 23

The satisfaction of home.

Collecting the basil before the frost. We spend a lot of time on the front porch.

The garden didn't get much going this year, but we've been in and out a bunch and have big plans for this space in the spring. Cedar is in there picking all the mystery gourds that grow out from the compost pile.

Running off with the laundry line pole.

Lola. In the thick of wherever I am.

The yard settling down for winter.

The woodpile growing. Tim got a Fiskar axe (just like my sewing scissors!) which cuts like butter.

The treehouse gets used mostly when we have little company over, so it deserved a new (handmade) ladder. The path below it leads back into the woods, back to the "bear cave," the creek and all sorts of rocky nooks that I want to make into little destinations soon.

The studio, always a work in progress.

Our beloved laundry line. Right on the front lawn.

I built this rocking boat/climbing bridge for Cedar based on some I have seen. He is so proud as he walks up and down it, flips it over, and generally finds important things to do around it.

What's going on at your home this fall?

xo Brooke

Saturday, October 19

his room

Of course in the time I've taken these photos and had the leisure to post them, I've moved things around. But these capture what being in his room is like. I try to keep it clean and orderly (when we're not playing) and the toys to a minimum so he can get into things and not be distracted. I switch out things every few weeks. No dogs allowed in here either.

He only let me sew for a minute or two here before being all over me like an octopus, wanting the thread, the pins, the needles...

Wednesday, October 16

I celebrated a lovely birthday with Scrabble in front of the fire, a rainy woodsy mushroom-finding hike, and as much sushi as I could eat at a local place, all while my mom watched Cedar. Fall is deep in the works here and the pine needles are drifting down as well as the leaves. Our nearby farmshop has gorgeous bouquets of fall flowers from their garden and Cedar and I will be going apple-picking on friday. Something tells me that Fall won't last very long this year; the chill in the air has an underbite.

Wednesday, October 9

lake nockamixon. film.

Yesterday we went for a hike on Hawk Mountain. The last time we were there was last fall. It is interesting revisiting places we took Cedar to one year ago, since he has grown so much.

In the visitor's center we bought a book on identifying mushrooms. I've been paging through it and some of the names are wonderful. False Orange Peel, Common Jelly Baby, White Elfin Saddle, Dead Man's Fingers, Candlesnuff, Water Measurer, Black Witch's Butter, Shaggy Mane, Big Laughing Mushroom.

Other books I'm reading are We Are At War: The Diaries of Five Ordinary People In Extraordinary Times, Heaven On Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children and I just finished The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy and Hard Times. All are so so good.

Today Tim went out to lunch with Cedar and his mom while I stayed home and worked with my power tools, building Cedar a wooden bridge/boat (pictures soon), and putting up a railing on the basement stairway since he likes to hang out there when I do the laundry. Tomorrow my mom comes to watch him a bit while Tim and I go out to lunch for my birthday (which is Friday). I'll be 36; can you believe it? I feel about 24.

What are you reading/doing/interested in these days?

xo Brooke

Saturday, October 5

We've been so busy doing daily stuff. Sometimes it's so tiring, because you don't get a break to recharge, you know? It's just constant on the move and things falling to pieces all around, let alone a bad mood day where I have to hold it all together on my part but Cedar can still tell, so I have to figure out ways to shift my attitude. Today I succeded in doing that after an awful morning by buying tiny colorful gourds at our local egg farm. And bananas on sale, 33 cents/lb, for banana bread. Milk for cornbread.

Some days life has so much meaning and there is so much to enjoy. And others, like today, are a struggle to complete. A fight to the finish, and I can't figure it out any other way.

I've been trying to stay off the computer too; it eats up time, compressing it. I feel irritated and hurried when I'm online too much.

Otherwise, things are good! I put up a clothesline outside and hanging the clothes is calming ~ doing that chore outside under the pines is really nice. Cedar organizing the clothespins. We've also been doing a lot of sand and water play. After breakfast in fact we are pretty much outdoors till his afternoon nap and often after lunch as well. Soaking it up before it becomes too cold for bare arms.

Suddenly it is fall. The leaves have turned and the woods are full of movement as they fall. Stinkbugs are trying to get in through all the windows. The tomatoes are ripe on dying stems.

Yesterday I went for a little hike and the boulders were all frosted with a coating of yellow curling leaves. Rhythmic thumps from falling branches and green walnuts sounded like bears passing. Pileated woodpeckers called with their eerie cries, the loons of the trees.