Wednesday, October 9

lake nockamixon. film.

Yesterday we went for a hike on Hawk Mountain. The last time we were there was last fall. It is interesting revisiting places we took Cedar to one year ago, since he has grown so much.

In the visitor's center we bought a book on identifying mushrooms. I've been paging through it and some of the names are wonderful. False Orange Peel, Common Jelly Baby, White Elfin Saddle, Dead Man's Fingers, Candlesnuff, Water Measurer, Black Witch's Butter, Shaggy Mane, Big Laughing Mushroom.

Other books I'm reading are We Are At War: The Diaries of Five Ordinary People In Extraordinary Times, Heaven On Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children and I just finished The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy and Hard Times. All are so so good.

Today Tim went out to lunch with Cedar and his mom while I stayed home and worked with my power tools, building Cedar a wooden bridge/boat (pictures soon), and putting up a railing on the basement stairway since he likes to hang out there when I do the laundry. Tomorrow my mom comes to watch him a bit while Tim and I go out to lunch for my birthday (which is Friday). I'll be 36; can you believe it? I feel about 24.

What are you reading/doing/interested in these days?

xo Brooke