Wednesday, October 30

Our laptop got too full of information to accept more photos so we finally got a new computer. Figuring out how to transfer everything over is...time consuming. Time which I don't have too much of these days. Things have been a bit too busy for me since my mother's helper started school again this fall. I will feel more mentally spacious once I find someone to come play with Cedar a couple of times a week so I can get out into the studio and decompress. I love that guy to the moon and back but I can feel my temper shortening as the days pass and I get fewer breaks.

I can do this.

Things that hold me high right now are the chilly yard sales I visit on the weekends, solitary walks down the nearby side road in all its shaggy autumn shades, building things out of wood using my bandsaw and belt sander, the occasional meet-up with friends, and Nutella.