Wednesday, October 23

The satisfaction of home.

Collecting the basil before the frost. We spend a lot of time on the front porch.

The garden didn't get much going this year, but we've been in and out a bunch and have big plans for this space in the spring. Cedar is in there picking all the mystery gourds that grow out from the compost pile.

Running off with the laundry line pole.

Lola. In the thick of wherever I am.

The yard settling down for winter.

The woodpile growing. Tim got a Fiskar axe (just like my sewing scissors!) which cuts like butter.

The treehouse gets used mostly when we have little company over, so it deserved a new (handmade) ladder. The path below it leads back into the woods, back to the "bear cave," the creek and all sorts of rocky nooks that I want to make into little destinations soon.

The studio, always a work in progress.

Our beloved laundry line. Right on the front lawn.

I built this rocking boat/climbing bridge for Cedar based on some I have seen. He is so proud as he walks up and down it, flips it over, and generally finds important things to do around it.

What's going on at your home this fall?

xo Brooke