Thursday, November 21

The Traveler // cloth story book


The Traveler
Hand and machine sewing, vintage and remnant fabrics
White thread hand-sewed binding, 12 pages, 6 x 7 x 2.5 inches

I have collected beautiful hand-sewn embroideries for quite some time. They are things of beauty: stitcheries, table runners, aprons, tablecloths, hand towels, napkins, skirts, shirts, scarves. Each formed stitch by stitch long ago when handwork was more common than it is today, each held in the hands of a woman and worked over while she talked with friends or sat alone. I often wondered what each piece had been used for and why that pattern had been chosen. What they thought about while they sewed. And most of all, what happened that took that piece on a path that ended up intersecting my own.

When I had Cedar in June 2012, I remembered a cloth story book my Grandmother had sewn for my older sister almost 40 years ago. She still has it and her littlest one, about 6 months older than Cedar, plays with it now. The pages are a mix of fabrics, cottons and corduroys, with animals that can be grabbed and played with by little hands. As my little one got older and I realized he had difficulty opening his board books, I made him a similar cloth book from some of my stitchery collection.

This cloth story book is easily opened by children and sturdily hand and machine sewed together. Made from a careful collaboration of vintage finds and repurposed fabric remnants, the book began to build itself as pieces bridged the years and were joined together to form the story it now holds.

There will be more books to show you soon!

xo Brooke