Thursday, December 5

from the end of summer, 35mm film

The necessaries. It seemed like I carried these baskets with me every time I went out. Backup clothes, snacks, books and sewing projects for car naps, water.

In the few days of semi-warm weather we are experiencing right now, I look back to the relative ease of warmer days when we could run around in short clothing. When he plays outside now his hands get nippy. Soon he will wear gloves and have to do without the feel of dirt for a few months.

We enjoy the company of many toads, snakes and newts here. I always get a thrill when I see one, intent on their business and so very vulnerable to me, the bumbling human traipsing around her garden. I try to remember they are often there under the rocks and logs I'm moving around or working by. Such complex, mysterious life, and it could be gone in an instant if I'm not careful about where I step.

Our heirloom tomatoes. I ended up moving our plants after I had already planted them due to lack of sun; the tomatoes ripened so late that the frost captured most of them. I'm hoping the rotted seeds will sprout in the spring.