Tuesday, December 31

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Tim's mom's place, a lovely flat with giant pine trees outside the windows. There was a little snow shower, some champagne, lots of Cedar's cousins running around and he an avid observer.

Christmas Day was at my aunt's with more cousins, cold weather and hot soup, carol singing at the end. Late nights both.

Christmas through the eyes of children, kept simple, is so fulfilling. Young and old give each other the balance we need to make the holiday a whole. I feel like less is more so we've tried to keep things to basics these days.

It was a busy week. I've taken five rolls of film and dropped them off today to be developed. Tonight, New Year's Eve, I plan on finishing up some work out in the studio and turning in early with a cup of tea.

I hope you had a good holiday and enjoy a happy new year's beginning!

xo Brooke