Saturday, January 25

Wednesday, January 22

Tuesday, January 21

this week

some of his favorite nursery rhymes mounted on wood 

kale smoothies with loads of banana; he loves them
the straw is essential to their success

always collecting containers 

tiniest banana beet pancake 

view from a friend's hill 

sharing lunch, always 

tired of so much blue, I painted the upper two thirds of the kitchen wall white;
it has enlarged the room and is so much brighter

Monday, January 20

it's all about the process

Water is just about one of my favorite things for Cedar to play with because it evaporates. Just ignore the mess for a little while and it takes itself away. Another fave today was an empty spice jar filled with his homemade play dough. He pushes his fingers into it and pokes forks and pencils into it, thus saving my chapstick and lipstick from a similar fate.

Monday, January 13

film for the moments

deer bed in our front yard