Saturday, January 4

favorite things

Thrifted baskets and driftwood pegboard.

Thrifted children's furniture and toys. Little ladder from MamaMadeThem. The skunk is Holtztiger but I also love the one from jupiterschild.

Thrifted wool blanket on a climbing platform which consists of a trashpicked wooden pallet with a sheet of plywood on top. Very simple! He loved this when he could only scoot on his belly and still plays on it now that he can run.

Yard sale wooden train, thrifted blue oven range, and a basket full of pompoms made by yours truly (from thrifted crewel yarn.) Absolutely best water bottle ever by Zoli Bot. Those little crocheted hard boiled eggs on the oven are from etsy ~ have you ever looked up crochet food there? Amazing stuff.

Blanket from World Upcycle. Crewelwork embroidery from my favorite thrift shop! Cedar's bed was a freebie from a friend but is almost too short now. I just ordered this beech crib from ikea for him to grow into.

Current book obsession (of his): The Little Drummer Boy. The Snowy Day, Mother Goose, Winter, and Grandfather Twilight are also in steady rotation. His booties are from Wooly Baby.

Wool/silk tank from Flowering Child. He wears it every day. Sheepskins from ebay and ikea.

Thrifted and junk shop treasures!

The mirror was here when we moved in, hung on the back of a door, so I got some more brackets from the hardware store and hung it low for Cedar to use. He watches himself in it and does little dances before it daily.

Sweater pants by my mom. Amber teething necklace from Baltic Amber Palamba. Ball from the drugstore. Striped bowl from ebay.

Beeswax. Our new favorite toy.

Suffice it to say most of our household and play goodies are thrifted, yard sale finds, hand-me-downs, or somehow freebies. I find a lot of our purchases online as well ~ etsy and ebay and amazon are the top sites I go to. I'm kind of always on the lookout for the things we need; I suppose I keep a list in my head so wherever I am I can pick up what appears. I think this is a strong female trait! I love getting a bargain.

What are some of your favorite spots online or in the real world for finding the essentials, the playthings, or whatever else you need for yourself and your family?