Wednesday, January 8

Within Sound of the Sea // cloth story book

Within Sound of the Sea
Cloth story book, 10 pages, 6.5 x 9 x 2 inches
Hand and machine sewing, vintage and remnant fabrics, embroideries
Cotton, linen, silk, velvet
Binding hand-sewn in turquoise thread

Within Sound of the Sea features a humpback whale with moveable flipper, an oyster which opens to reveal a shining pearl, a stag hidden in the field overlooking the sea, wave froth made from crocheted napkin edgings, a migrating monarch butterfly with soft velvet body and tiny rickrack antennae, and a tiny moth exploring the night flowers under the stars in the light of a brilliant embroidered moon, all couched within a book filled with vintage embroideries and fabrics. This book took me so long to finish, innumerable stitches, and I love its story of fields, flowers and animals near the sea.

xo Brooke