Friday, February 21

snowmen and snowmelt

all shots 35mm film, ricoh camera

There is a snowmelt today. It reminds me of when Laura awoke Pa to tell him the chinook was blowing in The Long Winter. The rain is pouring down accompanied by grumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning.

Yesterday was warm enough to play on the front porch and clean up the ice sheets, move projects on to the garage, and widen the snow-banked walkway. As the mounds of snow on the back porch melt and reveal all the sunflower seeds we scattered there for weeks, our local birds are feasting; at breakfast the pileated woodpecker came down for a visit! I was the only one to see it, for Tim and Cedar were out seeking a sighting of a snowy owl.

A friend gave me a pair of paperwhite bulbs and I'm just about to pop them into jars and watch them grow. My body longs for living greenery. Are you doing anything to prepare for spring?