Friday, March 21


He never goes far without a snack to hand. Yesterday we were outdoors all afternoon! I was hauling stone out of the woods and building rock walls, forming a rock path to my studio and raking up about 4 inches of black sunflower seed hulls from under the porch railing where we have been entertaining birds all winter. Tim is building an awning for my studio with cedar shakes and another for the kitchen door, as well as clearing some land for building a wood shed against the garage. While I was sawing down brush I collected a few straight trees and put them together for Cedar (and for me) to have a little teepee to get cozy in. It feels so right to have nature inside like that.

I just found out about Tasha Tudor and am enamored by her incredible garden. I was so inspired I went to our local Agway and bought an indecent amount of flower and vegetable seeds. There is a stable nearby and I plan on getting some loads of manure there to make manure tea which is what she swears made her garden what it is. I used to use it but haven't made some in a few years. I actually used to carry bags to collect horse manure from the riding trails where we would hike at our old house but I think just going straight to the stable will be quicker! Our compost pile is also ready to be spread around in the beds soon. Cedar is absolutely fascinated by everything we are doing out there.

All that fresh air and sunshine yesterday tuckered us all out. It's the best feeling ever to take a shower after a day working outdoors and slip into a quiet warm bed. To earn my sleep.