Wednesday, March 5

the creatively destructive hole in the wall

At the end of last July, I was getting a little punchy and so I decided some demolition was just the thing that would both allow me to get out some angst and also do something creative and constructive while keeping an eye on Cedar while he played.

The farmhouse part of our house, its core, is 133 years old and the rooms are small and this one especially was dark. I had an idea of making a little passageway to let light and warmth through and so I made a hole in the wall with a hammer.

I snapped one grainy phone photo after I did so: 

That is how it began.

A lot of hammering, sawing, framing out, priming and spackling, and it came out quite nicely. Fitting right between the studs, which are 16 inches apart, I formed an arch on the top just like we had done in our old kitchen. It joins the old part of the house to the newer addition from the 1950's and lets that light and air through like I thought it would.

It took months to get the project pretty finished up in fits and starts; now it only wants warmer weather to do a little more smoothing and painting. A few days when I can leave the windows open.

It's handy to hop through too.

xo Brooke