Saturday, May 24

Friday, May 23

stick playing blocks

Made from branches picked up in our yard.

Thursday, May 22

the chickens

He's wild about our friend's chickens. Wild.

Wednesday, May 21

Tuesday, May 20

blueberry beet pancakes

Film from the late winter, before I cut his hair.

Monday, May 19

bright nesting

Harvested grapevine stuffed with all the crewel yarn I won't use. I hope the birds will.

Sunday, May 18

Saturday, May 17


So quick to make and fill with popcorn, rice or dried beans. Both Cedar and I love the heavy malleability of them. We line them up, stack them, hold them, put them on our bodies. Very satisfying.

Some of my favorite places to find good fabrics like wool, linen and fine cotton are thrift shop clothing sections: children and men's clothing, women's dresses and skirts and old linen tops are all good for cutting up for projects and are more affordable than the lengths at the fabric store. Also, I've found great quality fabrics in the cloth napkin and tablecloth housewares sections. Nothing like a bargain and the thrill of nabbing a great vintage piece to reuse!

Friday, May 16

Wednesday, May 7

the handyman

Nothing piques his interest more than an open garage door.

Tuesday, May 6

Sunday, May 4

we had so much snow that day

It was kind of unbelievable. For weeks, it just kept coming. I dreamt then about the days I live now. Life is so quick. I'm so glad to be here.

Saturday, May 3

Friday, May 2

Thursday, May 1