Saturday, July 26

At the cabin. Part One.

We got back last week from a lovely week at the cabin we rent in Ontario each year (one of two, really, that my relatives frequent). This year Tim couldn't come due to work and so Cedar and I (and Lucy and Indigo) headed up on our own. We drove a few hours, stayed in a hotel (always fun with the dogs!) and then set out the next morning, after a buttered toast and orange juice breakfast together with other travelers in the hotel kitchen lobby, with fog lifting over the mountains of upstate New York. The trip took about 8 hours total driving and Cedar and the pups handled it like champs.

The cabin was a place of rest. My sister and her children were there, along with my parents. We ate, played, and watched the life on the lake. Cedar watched fish be fished from the lake, filleted on the dock, cooked and brought to the dinner table. I did a little stonework on the steps to the beach. There were hours of silence as we all read while the kids napped. 

These pictures were all taken by my mom. More soon.

xo Brooke