Thursday, July 3

Minstrels in the Springtime Wood

Minstrels in the Springtime Wood
Cloth story book, 10 pages
7 x 5 x 2.25 inches
Hand and machine sewing, vintage and remnant fabrics
Cotton, linen, wool
Binding hand-sewn in deep green thread

Now in the shop.

xo Brooke

p.s. I know things have been quiet here lately. I'm busy living, out and about and spending less time online and more time outside and watching Cedar grow. I have a bunch of photos to share, film and digital and movie theater photobooth, and I hope to get them sorted out soon.

p.p.s. I've had a few inquiries about these fabric story books, wondering will I have more in the future and around the holidays? I'm doing my best to finish up another 3 or 4 right now and will post them as soon as they are finished to the last stitch. If one of the books really grabs at you but it doesn't fit into your budget right now, please contact me because I am happy to split the payments into installments. This has worked for me so far. These books won't come around a second time and if you or your little one or little one-to-come are meant to have it, let's make it happen.

x B