Friday, April 25

on the sand

all shots 35mm 200 film, ricoh camera 

Last month or so we went to the beach for a couple of nights. Early in the morning, while Tim made Cedar breakfast, I took my girl down to the ocean to watch the colors and the loons. It was freezing. I did it the next morning too. Things like that stay in my memory for a long time and sustain me. It is why all this struggle and all those unanswerable life questions are worth it.

Thursday, April 24

hike to the boulder field

We are very lucky to have some hiking trails right across the street. One of them leads up the mountain and passes by a boulder field. It isn't a place we explore much since it would not be that fun to navigate with Cedar at this age, but we talk about hiring a babysitter and hiking out here one night and stargazing. When my sister slept over with my nephew last week, we walked out to the field. It was a lovely morning.

Wednesday, April 23

easter egg hunt

expired polaroid 600 film, sx-70 polaroid land camera

Last saturday I went to my friend's house to see the eggs being dyed. 15 dozen eggs in three pots: red cabbage for blue, beet for pink, and turmeric for yellow. 

The next day we went back for the hunt. 

There were running races and sack races and tug of war. Cedar ate three eggs. The sun came out and we quietly slipped away to the coolness of the car and to Cedar's nap.

Tuesday, April 22

the front sandbox

One rainy day a couple of weeks ago I enlarged the front sandbox and edged it with rocks. I wanted to incorporate a large slab of rock into it that rose up out of the earth, like a gently sloping beach. We can see this 'box' (as Cedar calls it) from the kitchen window and sometimes he's out there before I even get any breakfast made. His favorite tool to date is the metal spatula that we use to flip the pancakes. Tim would like it back but I'm not sure that's going to happen anytime soon!

On these gorgeous crisp days I've been clearing, building and cutting brush. The yard is coming together wonderfully and I've also given myself carpel tunnel in my arms. It's so hard to hold back but I've been trying to slow down a bit and not do things in one go.

Monday, April 21

the labyrinth

I've been collecting all the old mossy bricks on our property and intend to sink them into the lawn so we can mow over this labyrinth. It's going to be a slow process.

I don't know if you've ever walked a labyrinth but if you have the opportunity to do so, I've found it is an enlightening experience.

It's a metaphor for life. The entrance is also the exit. There is only one path so you cannot get lost, even though it may feel like you are. The point seems to be to get to the center and it can be exasperating winding around and around to get there. Upon arriving in the middle, you look back over the path and you realize the journey is what it is all about. Every step takes you one step further on your path. Even when you are unsure about what is coming next, you are always in just the right place.

I love walking in labyrinths. It makes me thrill with discovery.

Thursday, April 17

the earnest hen

These are a friend's chickens but I wish they were ours. I'm pretty close to making chickens happen here; they are such funny birds. At the waldorf school where Cedar and I have a parent toddler class on mondays, I always bring some rice cakes to feed the free-ranging chickens. I generally manage to pick one up and love on it for a while. Calling them - cu-cu-cu-coo? - brings them on the run, looking as if they are holding up their skirts. Such earnestness. And then all week cu-cu-coo? peppers Cedar's monologues.

Sunday, April 13

a ramblin' man

A stick, a puddle and his pup not far off and he's good to go.

Saturday, April 12

the blue box

So this is where I've been these past couple of weeks, I suppose! Making these fun little spots for Cedar like the sand play area(s) (there's another to show you) and this useful box. I remember loving tiny spaces, like under my headboard or in the linen closet. Do you remember being so small you could fit into the Tupperware cupboard? This box is simply a toy box from which I unscrewed the lid. He lays inside it and also flips it over to stand on or use as a worktable for his play dough.

Friday, April 11

the unusual sandbox

last december

... and 4 months later (this week) 

It took me awhile to finish up this simple play area which I began before winter hit us. But it is now done, and we love it. It feels so good to fiddle around in.

Thursday, April 3

We drop into bed exhausted and sleep the sleep of the just

We have been digging and raking, planting and building rock walls, moving earth and shrieking (in delight) at worms (Cedar has) and cooking and tracking mud on our shoes. Sowing flower seeds, soaking in sunshine and waiting on cloudy days. Building enormous bonfires at night after Cedar goes to bed. Dreaming. Planning.

Making it happen.

More soon.

xo Brooke