Sunday, December 28


With this post I'm closing down my blog for a while. For as long as needed in order to focus on living my offline life with Cedar, Tim, our pets, our house, our housemates, our jobs, our get the idea. So often in the past few months I have found myself fried and frazzled and I do believe one of the main causes of that for me is being on the computer. What it does to my brain, and the way I deal with things: the expectation of instantaneousness and immediate gratification. The frustrations with editing and uploading and the guilt of not being able to respond to comments or to touch base with you, the readers. And the addiction to checking things which can take precedence over what is actually happening in front of me. Cedar is young, the days are complex, and it is too much. I've also closed down my shop for the time being, although I am happy to respond to requests about my work, and I've deactivated my Facebook page. Whew!

now on to real living, to real life!

you can email me.
you can find me on Instagram.

all my best,

love, Brooke

Thursday, December 18

nelli rae's kitchen

We eat here once or twice a week. I work here one shift on sundays. It's like another room of our house, filled with better food than we cook at home.

Wednesday, December 17


I took Cedar to my mom's house and headed off on a very old hike I know, way back from when I was a teenager. My legs remembered the trail, and the trees remembered me.

Tuesday, December 16


No glass ornaments any more on the bottom half, the reachable half, of the tree. I just couldn't take the breakage anymore, so packed them up!

Monday, December 15

Sunday, December 14


They've known each other since before they could roll over.

He really likes her.

Saturday, December 13

Thursday, December 11

the christmas card

Making traditions in the freezing cold.

Monday, December 8