Saturday, March 28


Being a mom right now is putting me in another state of mind. I don't have many words. They just don't seem necessary.

There is a little sign up over on the right side of my blog if you want to have new posts sent to your email. I'll be writing again every so often.

I am posting a lot on Instagram, which is simple and satisfying. I haven't used my digital camera in weeks although I do use my polaroid and film cameras every so often.

Life is busy. Tree guys came and cleared what will be a sunny meadow for us for the veggie garden, goats, and perhaps an alpaca.

We got 10 baby chicks. They are currently in an upstairs bathroom under a heat lamp. I think one is a rooster.

Plans are in the works for an outdoor kitchen.

There is a lot of wood to cut up leftover from the tree guys. I think some of the long trunks may become our raised beds. We will have to put a deer fence up because those stinkers are munching on the dogwood buds already.

We got a fishtank. I love feeding those fish; they are real personalities.

Cedar is talking up a storm. Not napping so often these days and we are working on that. He is a thoughtful, sweet fellow and is a joy to be with. I wish I had more patience, more peacefulness. I struggle with strong and at times overwhelming angers and resentments and I know they are leftover from my own childhood. Children are sponges. I want to be a good model for Cedar, and it can be disheartening to face the depth of my own struggles. I try, and he loves me, but I wish I was a better person.

We are waiting for Spring.

She is almost here. I can feel her breath.

xo Brooke