Saturday, May 16

time-lapse days

35mm film, pentax camera

Baking potatoes in the oven.

That throaty trill the robin makes as she flies out of the garage. I cannot find her nest.

Cedar and Tim at the farmer's market, buying salmon for dinner.

The plastic film canisters from my mom, filled with last year's seed. Love in a mist, cosmos, coreopsis. Hollyhock she collected in Estes Park. Cardinal flower, cleome, calendula.

Watching the steady move of things to be done around here, getting done, a little at a time, like the tide receding or like time lapse photography. Today, a pile of garden tools, a cluster of laundry baskets, a hammer, a filled basket, an empty wall. Everything swept together flotsam-jetsam and slowly finding its way back to tidiness.