Thursday, July 9

farm stand zinnias, humidity, and a rainstorm

Doing a little zinnia plant dyeing and drinking out of the the cut stems. Enjoying the rainy yard and coming in with grass on our feet, hands filled with snipped blooms. Putting ceramic eggs in the six straw-filled nesting boxes for when the hens begin laying. Taking Cedar to summer waldorf camp two mornings a week and seeing how happy he is there. Ordering a big inflatable pool from amazon to set up in our yard. Thundershowers after a spring of drought. Looking for a prenatal yoga class. Getting  little sun kissed and wishing I hadn't suntanned all those times without spf when I was a teenager. Breakfast out: mango smoothies, spinach and feta omelettes, grilled blueberry muffins. A tiny cluster of wine berries on the side of the plate. Deciding to take Cedar berry picking on our roadsides soon.

Full summer swing.